Dual Degree

International Engineering Dual Degree (BA/BS) Program

Gain the international perspective and real-world experience you need to launch a career in global engineering.

Program Overview

The global engineering industry demands global engineers. Through Widener's international engineering program, you'll gain the hands-on experience needed to meet the demand. 

In this program, you'll simultaneously study mechanical engineering and French with the ability to pair your classroom experience with a paid internship in French-speaking Quebec, Canada. This international perspective will put you on the inside track to a career in global engineering.

The mechanical engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. See recent enrollment and graduation data.

International Engineering Dual Degree Program Options

Year 1

  • Fall and spring: Take courses at Widener University.
  • Summer: Attend an optional language program at Université Laval in Quebec City, Quebec.

Year 2

  • Fall and spring: Take courses at Widener University.
  • Summer: Complete a flexible engineering internship in the Philadelphia area or near your home.

Year 3

  • Fall and spring: Take courses at Widener University.
  • Summer: Intern in the Philadelphia area with a company headquartered in Quebec (or a U.S. company that conducts business in Quebec).

Year 4

  • Fall: Take courses at Widener University.
  • Spring: Take courses at Université Laval in Quebec
  • Summer: Intern in Quebec with the same company you interned with the year prior.

Year 5

  • Fall and spring: Take courses at Widener University and complete your senior research engineering capstone project.

In addition to our honors program in general education, you may qualify to join an honors program in engineering and French to enrich your education with advanced honors courses, an honors seminar, and leadership development opportunities.

Learn more about our engineering and French honors programs.

Admissions Requirements

In addition to the entrance requirements for a mechanical engineering degree or a French degree, international engineering students must meet one or more of the following placement requirements for both math and French.


  • SAT math score of 690 or higher.
  • Widener math assessment level 5 (waived with math SAT score of 690 or higher).
  • Dual-enrollment credit for Calculus with grade C or higher.
  • Advancement Placement score of 3 on Calculus AB.


  • Dual-enrollment equivalent of FREN 202 with grade B or higher.
  • Advanced Placement score of 4 or higher on either the French language or French literature exam.
  • International baccalaureate: bilingual diploma or score of French HL (5 or higher).
  • Baccalaureate degree from a French-speaking country.
  • European language standards: CEFR receptive reading/listening A2; productive writing/speaking B1.2.
  • Heritage or native speakers can apply for an interview and submit a writing sample.

Prepare for rapid advancement in the global engineering industry by applying to Widener for free. To get started, apply to either mechanical engineering or French as your primary program. Once admitted, you'll work with your academic advisor to declare your international engineering track.

International Engineering Dual Degree Program Highlights

Your path to a global engineering career starts here. Through hands-on experience and international study, you'll graduate ready for your first job (and your fifth).

While obtaining their undergraduate international dual degree program, these international engineering students study abroad in France.

Pursue Three Paid Internships

As part of the curriculum, you’ll take on three summer internships, including two internships with the same multi-national company: one in a French speaking country, the other in the United States. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how an international company functions—and how different perspectives influence business success.

Widener's international engineering program provides the opportunity to study at  Laval University in Quebec City, Quebec.

Study at a French-Language University

Spend a semester abroad in Quebec City, Quebec at Université Laval, the oldest French-language university in North America. You’ll join a group of students known for conducting breakthrough research and solving community challenges. 

engineering student works at internship during COVID

Establish a Lasting Network & Create a Diverse Portfolio

Through a partnership with the Quebec Trade Office and the French American Chamber of Commerce, you’ll establish a network of industry insiders. Along the way, you’ll build a French mechanical engineering portfolio that will prepare you for your first job and beyond.

Engineering Living Learning Community

The Engineering LLC provides first-year engineering students a unique opportunity to live and learn together through a variety of co-curricular activities and social events. This peer support system eases the transition to college.

Clubs & Organizations

International engineering majors have the opportunity to join various clubs and organizations across campus and beyond to expand their network, including the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honor Society, and many more.


Our professors invest in your success through close mentoring and continual feedback. Get to know our French and mechanical engineering faculty.

Pagano Head shot
Visiting Assistant Professor

My goal is to provide students with the same tools, skills, professionalism, and academic integrity that was instilled upon me nearly a decade ago as a student at Widener. I want students to have the highest chance of success for both their current academic career and their future professional career.

Babak Eslami
Assistant Professor

"I believe that being a "teacher" is an integral part of my vocation. That is why I consider my contributions to the education of students not merely as a duty or a job to be done, but as a part of my life."

Stephanie Schechner
Professor of French

"I believe that studying French should not be an end in itself, but rather a means to connecting with others around the world. Studying language, literature, and culture requires a willingness to grow as both student and instructor seek to understand people from other countries and from other times."

Your Inside Track to Success

Your Inside Track to Success

Equipped with global insight, training in mechanical engineering, and fluency in French language and culture, you'll prepare for a powerful career in a prestigious field.

Outlook & Outcomes

Potential Careers

Pursue a position with a global company in:

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Project Management

Regional Employment

PA ranks as one of the top 5 states for employment of mechanical engineers. The Philly/Wilmington/Camden region ranks within the top 10 of metro regions nationwide. 

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Industry Growth

Employment of civil engineers is expected to increase by 7% by 2030 according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Recent Employers

  • Sartomer/Arkema*
  • Quebec Trade Office
  • French American Chamber of Commerce

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Prepare for rapid advancement in the global engineering industry by applying to Widener for free. To get started, apply to your primary program: mechanical engineering or French. Once admitted, you will work with your academic advisor to declare your international engineering track.

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