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African & African American Studies

African & African-American Studies offers an interdisciplinary, critical approach to explore the histories, cultures, and experiences of African descended peoples.

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Dr. Richard Cooper, Co-coordinator



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Co- Coordinator

Anthropology Department

The Anthropology Department prepares students to work with diverse populations in fields such as international relations, education, government, healthcare, user experience, marketing, and cultural resource management.
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Chair of Anthropology Department

Biology Department

The Biology Department incorporates disciplines from a variety of scientific fields such as genetics, zoology, and global biodiversity. Students who study biology at Widener graduate with more than a degree; they emerge as critical thinkers who are skilled in the scientific process and have a passion for making discoveries of their own.
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Biomedical Engineering Department

The Biomedical Engineering Department provides a broad-based education that combines engineering and medical technology. Students have easy access to modern, well-equipped laboratories and are exposed to real-world aspects of science foundations and engineering fundamentals, as well as practical applications of biomedical engineering. Undergraduates have numerous opportunities to participate in leading-edge research to enhance the quality of life.
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Interim Chair of Biomedical Department

Center for Civic Engagement

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Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Center for Civic Engagement fosters co-curricular opportunities to educate, empower, and equip Widener students to become personally and socially responsible leaders and continually builds collaborative campus and community partnerships to further the university’s civic mission.


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Center for Civic Engagement


Director of Civic Engagement

Center for Education

The Center for Education houses a variety of programs that lead to teacher certification and advanced certification and leadership in education. Our undergraduate and post-baccalaureate teacher preparation programs are designed to prepare community-engaged teachers. Graduate programs at the certificate, master’s and doctoral level prepare specialists, counselor educators, and leaders for both K-12 and higher education settings.
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Center for Human Sexuality Studies

The Center for Human Sexuality Studies (CHSS) houses one of the only doctoral programs in human sexuality studies at a fully accredited university in the United States. Our graduates are pioneering sexologists who take on leadership roles worldwide as clinicians, educators, and sexuality researchers.
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Center for Social Work Education

The Center for Social Work Education offers a CSWE accredited undergraduate BSW degree as well as a CSWE accredited MSW graduate degree. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs develop social workers whose influences are known throughout the field and community. Our programs provide the academic preparation and hands-on experiences needed to develop critical thinking and professional skills necessary to affect positive change in the lives of disadvantaged populations and communities. Our graduate programs (MSW and PhD) have been designed to meet the educational and lifestyle needs of students seeking an advanced degree in social work.
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Chemical Engineering Department

The Chemical Engineering Department prepares students to make valuable contributions in the improvement of life in the broadest sense--energy, biomaterials, and environmental protection, as well as chemical and biochemical processing and production technology. Faculty and students collaborate with industry on cutting-edge research in new approaches to pharmaceutical development, microporous adsorption materials, and computer simulation of chemical processes.
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Chair of Chemical Engineering Department

Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department prepares students for graduate school, professional school, and a variety of careers in industry. Our focus on green chemistry prepares students to address real-world problems relating to sustainability. Research is a core component of our program, providing hands-on experience and developing leadership skills that help our graduates succeed whatever their career goals.
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Associate Professor & Chair

Civil Engineering Department

The Civil Engineering Department offers students educational training for diverse opportunities in areas related to natural environment and man-made infrastructure. This includes transportation systems; water resources; environmental design/cleanup; buildings, bridges, dams; and construction of all types. Students are exposed to problem solving and field-based projects, and learn in well-equipped laboratories and computer facilities.
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Chair of Civil Engineering Department

College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office

The College of Arts and Sciences provides general education for all undergraduate students and two dozen major courses of study for those interested in the liberal arts and sciences. The College also offers several accelerated undergraduate/graduate pathways and houses master's programs in criminal justice and public administration, as well as several graduate certificate programs.

College of Arts & Sciences



College of Health & Human Services Dean's Office

The Dean's Office in the College of Health & Human Services houses the majority of the graduate programs on Widener's Main Campus and also offers two undergraduate day programs and sponsors interprofessional events, including the annual Graduate Student Research Symposium.

Criminal Justice Graduate Program

The master of arts in criminal justice (MCJ) program is designed to prepare individuals for successful careers in leadership, management, and research in the criminal justice professions. The program will equip professionals with the intellectual capital needed to propose meaningful solutions to criminal justice issues of contemporary society.
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