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Yvonne L. Antonucci

My research interests are in the areas of Business Process Management (BPM), process analysis, business-to-business collaboration, and enterprise systems. I have published in numerous international journals, books, and conferences in the area of BPM, IT outsourcing, interorganizational trust and collaboration, workflow management, and enterprise systems and have been a frequent invited speaker to various international BPM industry events.

Kerri C. Brannen

My research interests are related to organizational behavior and human resources with specific interests in emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, social intelligence, and leadership, which are all areas that have current relevance to researchers and practitioners.  More recently, I have found that the cultural intelligence field is such an emerging area that there are many opportunities to create new research streams that I believe I will be focusing more on in the future. Additionally, I have become interested in online social networks and their implications for expatriates and repatriates.  

Danielle J. Durant

My research interests include healthcare quality and process improvement, prevention of hospital-acquired conditions, physician burnout, and evaluation of healthcare programs.

Richard J. Goeke

I like to explore problems using the quantitative-positivist approach, because I believe that research should solve real-world problems. This philosophical preference is an outgrowth of my 17 years of experience in an industry in which we collaboratively solve problems that impact multiple stakeholders. Because Information Systems (IS), Business Process Improvement (BPI), and analytics cut across most business functions, my skills were deployed in a variety of areas, including marketing, accounting, operations, and research and development. Therefore, my research interests tend to focus on the end-user and business value issues germane to IS, BPI, and analytics and tend to be interdisciplinary.

YoungHa Ki

My research interests in finance are corporate governance, CEO compensation, empirical asset pricing, investment/portfolio analysis, finance pedagogy, and macroeconomic factors. My dissertation focuses on subjects in corporate finance.

Dennis R. Laker

My research interests include training and training transfer, management, career exploration and planning, self-efficacy and behavior change, and behavioral finance.

Brian V. Larson

My current research interests include assessing complex sport marketing service quality encounters at professional sport events. The work looks at the encounter from both the service provider's side and the event attendee's side and compares those perceptions.

Dan (Kitty) Li Profile Image

My research focuses on consumer behavior and digital marketing, with a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods. I investigate sources that generate consumer happiness and improve consumer well-being. My works have been published in the Review of Marketing Research and presented at conferences including Academy of Marketing Science and American Academy of Advertising.

Jeffrey C. Lolli

My research interests include restaurant management, casino management, human resource management, lodging management, food and beverage management, food safety, organizational behavior/dynamics, labor relations, interpersonal communication dynamics, pedagogy in hospitality education, freshman studies/retention, assessment, and accreditation in higher education.

Donna W. McCloskey

My research can be broadly characterized into three main streams: technology acceptance, work boundary/telecommuting and pedagogical work related to high impact practices (HIP) and curriculum design.  Working with colleagues, industry practitioners and student partners I have recently explored the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the home, the impact of mobile technology on work and life satisfaction, how consumers assess honest reviews in online marketplaces, the evolving work-life boundary and how to embed career preparation in the business curriculum.  My work has been published in numerous journals including the Journal of End User ComputingEnterprise Operations ManagementInformation Resources Management JournalJournal of Information Systems Education, and Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations. Additionally, I have written more than nine book chapters and presented my research at national and international conferences.

Marius M. Mihai

My research interests lie at the intersection of applied macro-finance models and time-series econometrics with a focus on the interplay between credit cycles, business cycles and asset prices. I am also interested in studying topics related to big data and machine learning and their role in understanding financial markets.

Babatunde O. Odusami

My research interests are risk modeling, portfolio optimization, and asset pricing. I am particularly interested in developing quantitative models which can explain how the values of financial assets and portfolios evolve over time. These include linear and non-linear models such as threshold, vector autoregression, cointegration, stochastic volatility, GARCH, Jump diffusion, and skewed-distributions models.

Jose Proenca

Jose Proenca

Associate Dean of School of Business Administration

My research interests focus on human capital management issues in health care organizations, service issues in the health care industry, and community orientation.

Lisa M. Reed-Logue

My research interests include implementing diversity education into the classroom to prepare students for the workplace, the role of female faculty members in higher education, and the collegiate experiences of first-generation college students.

Irfan Safdar

My research interests primarily involve capital markets. In particular, I am interested in how accounting information relates to the fundamental value of the firm and why market prices of firms' stocks diverge from fundamental value.  

Kenn B. Tacchino

I primarily research and write about retirement and pension planning topics. I have over 100 published articles. An article I authored on calculating retirement needs helped to change how people determine the amount they need to retire.