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Sociology Major (BA)

As a sociology major at Widener, you'll learn valuable leadership skills through civic engagement, social research, and internships that set you apart in a wide range of fields. 

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Program Overview

At Widener, you'll develop and refine leadership skills by working closely with the community to address societal problems and advocate for social change and improved public policies.

Analytical and research skills will help you navigate and address social and people-oriented problems, and make you stand out in industry. You'll gain invaluable workplace experience through internships, research, experiential learning, and civic engagement. 

Our flexible curriculum allows you to tailor your experience to personal interests that are related to sociology, while also building a range of powerful, portable skills. The small, interactive classes will deepen your learning and focus on leadership development, helping you gain qualities and skills for long-term career success. 

Program Options

Take the inside track to a career in sociology at Widener with internships, research, service learning, and a network of professionals to prepare students for long-term success upon graduation.

You have the flexibility to choose a specific concentration tailored to your personal interests.

Concentrations include:

  • Loading...: This concentration culminates in a two-semester sequence in which students use their training to craft, carry out, and present original research. Students learn how to use a variety of research methods to study the social world.
  • Loading...: This concentration provides students with an opportunity to use sociology to address everyday problems in society, while cultivating an understanding of core sociological concepts and theories. It culminates in a 200-hour internship with an organization related to the student’s chosen career field. 
  • Loading...: This concentration provides students with real-world experience though service-learning courses and culminates in a 200-hour internship in the student’s area of interest. Students are prepared for careers in organizations that address societal problems, as well as groups advocating for social change (e.g., unions, social movement organizations).
  • Loading...: This concentration prepares students for job opportunities in a wide range of organizations in both the public and private sectors, as well as graduate school in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or other health-related fields. This concentration is required for sociology majors in the pre-physical therapy and pre-occupational therapy pathways, but is open to all sociology majors.

Sociology majors can participate in the following pathways:

These pathways culminate in a 200-hour internship with an organization in a related field, preparing students for graduate school as well as job opportunities in a wide range of organizations in both the public and private sector.

Social Work & Sociology Dual Degree

Students have the flexibility to earn two degrees following this pathway—a social work BSW degree and sociology BA degree. 

View the Loading... requirements.

Applied Sociology & Criminal Justice Double Major

This double major is designed for students interested in the impact of communities and social interactions on everyday problems in society, including crime and deviance.

View the Loading... requirements.

Students wishing to earn a double major in sociology and another field of study (such as anthropology, communication studies, political science, or psychology), should contact the chair of the sociology department for more information on the requirements.

The Department of Sociology also offers a minor course of study comprised of an introductory course, a social theory or research design course, and five advanced elective courses.

View our Loading... for curriculum and coursework requirements for a sociology minor.

Admissions Information

Applying to Widener is easy—and free! Simply complete our Widener Application or the Common Application. You'll also need your official high school transcript and either an admissions essay or your SAT/ACT scores. We're a test-optional school, so there's no need to submit both.

Know you're interested in applying to Widener but unsure if you're ready to zero-in on a major? You can apply as an Exploratory Studies student with an undecided major. This program will help you start your college journey on the right foot while you explore which undergraduate program is the right fit for you.

When to Apply​

We accept applications on a rolling basis—there are no hard deadlines. Apply when you're ready and we'll take a look as soon as we receive your app. 

Key dates to keep in mind:​

  • October 1: FAFSA opens for the next academic year (Widener's school code is 003313)​
  • November 1: Early Action deadline and decision notifications begin​

What to Expect After Applying​

Once we receive your application and all materials, you can expect to hear back from us quickly. Along with your application decision, you'll also find out about any merit-based scholarship awards. You're automatically considered for merit scholarships as soon as you apply—you don't need to apply separately.

Learn more about the application process

If you apply before November 1, you are considered an Early Action applicant which comes with benefits like:

  • Receiving your admissions decision by Thanksgiving
  • Early consideration for merit-based scholarships
  • Early notification of financial aid offers, including need-based awards
  • Priority enrollment for summer registration—where you sign up for classes!

All applications are non-binding, so why wait? Apply today!

Our admissions team will help you make the most of college-level credits earned after high school. We maintain strong partnerships and articulation agreements with numerous local community colleges and also accept a wide range of course credits earned at accredited colleges and universities.

Curious about how many credits may transfer? Email your transcripts to transfer@widener.edu and our transfer coordinator will personally review your coursework as an unofficial credit evaluation. Applicants are given priority during busy seasons, but you don't have to apply to work with our transfer coordinator. 

Transferring doesn't have to be a guessing game—share your stats and we'll take it from there! 

Learn more about applying as a transfer student

Widener University serves as a "second home" for students from around the world. We are located just outside of Philadelphia and close to New York City and Washington, D.C.—offering many unique professional and personal opportunities to explore.

Want to know what it's like to be an international student on campus or need assistance navigating English proficiency requirements? We're here to help, and our international admissions director will support you through the application process. 

This support doesn't end with admissions—our International Student Support team will serve as a valuable resource throughout your Widener journey—meeting Visa/immigration requirements, getting acclimated to campus, and much more.

Learn more about applying as an international student

Program Highlights

Our diverse range of study will provide you with real-world experience so you'll develop a deep understanding of core sociological concepts. When you graduate, you won't just start your career, you'll continue the work you've been doing all along.

Diverse Range of Study

At Widener you can tailor your degree to your interests. We offer wide range of courses and numerous concentrations to match your career goals. You'll have the ability to choose a passion and learn about social issues, theories, research, and public policies within that chosen track.

Real-World Experience

Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. You'll have the opportunity to apply sociology to the world around you with internships, research, and civic engagement opportunities. 

Meet Your Second Family

Our faculty drive every student they teach toward personal and professional success.  You'll make connections with faculty advisors through classes and mentorship. Individual faculty will oversee your internships and research projects. Before long, faculty, staff, and classmates will be like a second family. 

Clubs & Organizations

Sociology majors have the opportunity to join various clubs and organizations across and outside of campus to expand their network, including the Sociology Club, and many more.


Our professors invest in your success through close mentoring and continual feedback.

Your Inside Track to Success

Your Inside Track to Success

Your second family of faculty and staff will help you build a network with alumni and professionals in a wide range of fields related to sociology to find unique opportunities for internships, research, and career paths.

Outlook & Outcomes

Potential Careers

  • Social work and advocacy work
  • Human resources, management, and research
  • Non-profit administration and management
  • Healthcare outreach, health policy, and physical therapy
  • Lawyer, law enforcement, and probation work

Work Environments

  • Research and development
  • Educational services
  • State government
  • Religious and civic-minded organizations
  • Self-employed

Recent Employers

  • City of Philadelphia
  • Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services
  • Greenville Hospital System
  • Prime Healthcare Services
  • Aramark Healthcare

Student Stories

Taylor pictured with the Pride lions statue on campus

"“Political science and sociology connect in a lot of different ways. Seeing those connections and then also connecting that to my daily life has been super important.”"

Taylor Easter

Class of 2025

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