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Spanish Major (BA)

Engage with the unfamiliar in an immersive Spanish program at Widener. Small, interactive classes focus on linguistic fluency and multicultural competence, introducing you to new cultures on campus and abroad.

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Program Overview

Learning a new language requires more than good study habits; it requires taking risks as you engage with foreign cultures and ideas.

At Widener, you'll be supported in this risk-taking when you major in Spanish. With language classes capped at 18 students, you'll receive one-on-one mentorship from faculty who hold the highest degrees in their fields. Paired with cultural studies emphasizing social and historical contexts, you'll gain fresh perspectives and meet interesting people that will open doors to a wide range of careers in today’s competitive global economy.

Faculty-led trips to Costa Rica, Honduras, and Mexico are just the beginning of international experiences. With options to study abroad for a semester and attend cultural immersion trips right in Philadelphia, you'll constantly be building meaningful language skills that extend far beyond the classroom.

Program Options

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Students majoring in Spanish can obtain a teaching certification in Spanish by completing the education track. This certification will qualify you to teach pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Students must also follow the instructions and requirements in the Center for Education section. Students may seek certification in more than one field; however, this usually requires more than eight semesters. Students who wish to become certified in more than one area should work closely with their faculty advisor when planning course schedules.

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Widener's pre-professional pathways give you the flexibility to follow your interests while preparing for a professional career. 

Spanish majors can participate in the following pathways:

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Digital humanities is a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary field that incorporates new tools and methodologies for pursuing modes of inquiry and producing forms of scholarship and engagement in the humanities. It seeks to apply humanistic reasoning and research to important questions related to technology, such as social sustainability, big data, and privacy. Work in digital humanities includes public humanities, data mining/visualization, web design, textual analysis, educational technology, and ethics and technology. The concentration in digital humanities is open to all humanities majors.

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Program Highlights

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Innovative Learning Experiences

Practice makes perfect! You'll sharpen your language skills through online video conversations with native speakers and have the chance to conduct research in Spanish by your junior year. Enhanced with trips to museums and restaurants in Philadelphia, you'll experience the rich diversity of Spanish language and culture firsthand.

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International Education

Flexible programs mean that in many cases, students can fulfill graduation and/or major requirements while studying in another country. Whether you want to study abroad for a week or a year, faculty work with you to find an international program that best suits your needs (and budget).

Individualized Attention

Language classes at Widener are capped at 18 students, though many courses run with less. Small class sizes mean you'll learn at your own pace while building lasting relationships with your professors. Plus, options for independent study, senior seminar projects, and double majors/minors help you explore your unique interests.

Clubs & Organizations

Spanish majors have the opportunity to join various clubs and organizations across and outside of campus to expand their network, including the Alpha Mu Gamma - International Modern Language Honor Society, the Spanish Club, and many more.


Our professors invest in your success through close mentoring and continual feedback. Get to know our Spanish faculty.

Paul L. Goldberg
Associate Dean of Humanities

"I like to emphasize speaking Spanish in and outside of class. For example, my students regularly have video conferences with college students from Latin America and Spain, and I organize and lead summer trips to Mexico where I’ve been conducting research for years."

Profile Picture of Beatriz Urraca
Professor of Spanish

"What I love most about teaching are those moments when students say 'I never thought about it this way,' or when I walk into a classroom and students are already talking in Spanish or discussing the readings without me. I love watching young people learn and grow, taking ownership of the learning process."

Your Inside Track to Success

Your Inside Track to Success

Learning Spanish puts you on the inside track to nearly all careers, as bilingualism and cultural competency are highly-prized skills in today's global economy. With language skills plus international experiences, you'll prepare for a fast start and long-term career success.

Outlook & Outcomes

Potential Careers

  • Diplomat
  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Nurse
  • Social Worker

Recent Employers

  • Cigna
  • Agilent
  • Beneficial
  • Educational Testing Services
  • Blaylock Robert Van Investment Banking

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